24 December 2008

That Tango connection

A lot of us here have mentioned, "Connection" when we dance Argentine Tango.

What is it really to you? How would you describe it? What happens to you when that magical Argentine Tango "Connection" happens?

My take on connection is this:

I have had previous experience in many other dances, but as I have experienced, it is much more unique and intense in Argentine Tango than in any other dance—Hands down! (IMHO)

When I speak of connection, there is no one else that matters other than myself and my partner, who is sometimes a total stranger. I feel her breathing and she feels mine. I think of what I want to lead, and it just happens without effort or prodding. There is a feeling of "One body, four legs."

Everything flows... The music, the movement, syncopation, footwork, intuition, improvisation, etc., all comes together to be one unique experience where one is transported into a very special place for the duration of the tanda.

It's addicting, it's intoxicating, It makes people get that look of being in a trance, it's blissful, it's magical...

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