03 July 2011

Mountain Tango

June 2, 2011 was a particularly beautiful day. Mrs. Ampster and I decided to do a day-hike to the summit of Tiger Mountain (WA).

We found ourselves atop the summit. The sky was clear with visibility unlimited. We could see cities in the distance surrounded by the evergreen forests of Western Washington surrounded by the magnificent Cascades Mountain range.

The day was warm and the breeze cool. The sun was beginning to set and the subdued hues from horizon to horizon created a beautiful burst of inspiration—A Mountain Tango!


tangocherie said...

And Happy 4th of July to you too! Love it! Fantastic setting, the best music, wonderful milonguero style tango--and I loved the sound of the wind and the crunch of the gravel.
Fantastic! My feel-good moment of the day.

Mary Ann said...

A magical moment!! Loved it!

Elizabeth Brinton said...

I love you guys.

AmpsterTango said...

@tangocherie, @Mary Ann, @Elizabeth: Thank you very much. I'm honored and flattered.

El Loco said...

quite a stunning bit of camera work...I just loved this..


Christine--RHP said...

now that was lovely!!