24 December 2008

Dancing small, and making it your own... It's hard!

So this last month, I once again had the opportunity to try out my newly found "Dancing small" technique. It seemed to work great, and all my partners seemed to like it. I did have to mix it up with the other stuff that I like to do. Otherwise it gets boring all on it's own.

As an evolutionary process, it's one thing to be able to do something you learned. It is (IMHO) another thing to make it "Your own." I.e. Assimilate it into your repertoire, and be able to utilize it seamlessly.

Why assimilate? It keeps things fresh. It makes for more interesting delivery and musical interpretation. It makes for a memorable dance experience. It's when you ask someone, and they describe you by the way you dance. It helps build an identity. I believe that in Tango, one should have their own memorable dance persona, and not just be a "step and pattern copy cat."

My first Argentine Tango teacher (Sonny Newman) once said,

"You need to make your dance your own. I see too many people trying to be like their heros; a Gavito, a Fabian, a Frumboli, or even a Miriam... It's a shame that they limit themselves so much by being satisfied by just copying moves. The experts started just like you, and learned a lot of this stuff from others and made it their own. They developed into what you see. You should do the same."

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