30 September 2009

I write this blog...

I write this blog because this tango journey of mine has taught me so much life experiences that has brought so much value to my life. Great friends, lovely memories, an art form that I can be reasonably good at, food, wine, a rich social life, etc. All of them things to cherish and relish.

I write this blog to share my experiences from the dance floor. Because, tango is such a beautiful thing that maybe someone, somewhere, somehow will be encouraged to check this tango thing out... and get hooked.

I write this blog because tango is one of the most difficult and (simultaneously) beautiful hobbies I have ever indulged in, that I thought there should be a record of it somewhere.

I write this blog because, as a leader, my learning process has been long and hard. I want others to avoid the mistakes I've made.

I write this blog because I want to add value to a leader's skill-set. Not because I care for the leaders, but because I care for the beautiful followers who have to put up with us. The better we lead, the better the followers' tanda.

I write this blog dear friend, amigo, ami, tomodachi, tovarich, and kaibigan, so we can all learn from each other and spread the dance and the skill of this wonderful tango experience to others. We need more, and better leaders on the milonga floor. There is not enough of us.

I write this blog as a thank you for my heavenly tango partners who have allowed me the privilege of a tanda. Without you, I am nothing and "Tango" is just a word.


Elizabeth said...

Ampster, You are right on. I have become increasingly aware that nearly everything I have ever learned about this tango has come from the leaders...the lovely tandas where I get it...I learn how to follow, how to be in the music with someone. I learn more from that than I have ever learned from all the visiting instructors, from youtubes and ideas and theories...I just learn by dancing with the good leaders. I understand that the old way in Argentina was for the men to learn together before ever dancing with the women. I think it was a good way. But we are so fortunate here, to have a number of patient and tuned-in milongueros. Of course we need more. But the good men, the ones who really see women as valuable, they have the key to making it beautiful. For that, I am so grateful.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU Ampster. I so enjoy your blog, and hopefully, I'll eventually enjoy a tanda (or two) with you :-)

Mari said...

Ampster, thank you for posting this - for all of the things you post. Your writing moves me more than I can find words to say.

AmpsterTango said...

@Elizabeth, Johanna, and Mari:

In tango, it is so true that, "It takes two." If it weren't for the balance that followers such as yourselves provide, this tango thing would never-ever happen.