14 February 2011

My perfect tango partner

It was in a Valentine's day party, 23 years ago that I met this cute girl. It was 1988.

Her ensemble was a huge lace ribbon on her heavily curled long hair. She wore winged way-farer gold Ray-Ban's, low socks with fuzzy pom-poms. She spoke in happy tones. She was vibrant, smart, sometimes cynical, sometimes funny. She was complicated, yet easily understood. Her perfume filled the air with a sweet scent. I was smitten. I was in love.

23 years passed and it has had its complications, challenges, and irritations. The struggle of life took hold as every young couple embarks on the great tango adventure called life. There were highs and lows. But, amidst it all, there were was a happines that made life all so worth living.

Like a great tango, Mrs. Ampster has been my perfect tango partner. Through good and bad tandas and milongas alike. I thank her, and grateful to God to have blessed me with my perfect tango partner. After all, without a tango partner, I'm just a crazy guy going through the motions of life (and dancing)

I love you Mrs. Ampster, and here's to many, many more decades of going through the great milonga of life, called the Tango.



Unknown said...


Then, now & forever
we dance to tandas life brings.
But the best ones I've had by far
are the ones I've danced with Y♥U.

Unknown said...

Awwww, I super duper love it...so so like Mr. Romatico

Diane said...

Awwww, so sweet! You two do my heart and soul good.

Tyson Sieger said...

That's an awesome story. Ha ha, it's great to have a dance partner for life, no? A life together might seem challenging, but it can be fun, exciting, and definitely romantic -- like a tango.