25 December 2009

One year ago today...

One year ago today, I published the first slew of posts in Ampstertango. My intent was, and is, to share my experiences and perspectives of leading, so those learning to lead can:
I've been writing a lot this past quarter (of 2009) but have not been publishing. They are relevant thoughts written in a jumble of verse. I know what they mean, but read by another, it all amounts to rambling. Bear with me. The language will come. I promise.

It has been a wonderful year. Things are what we make of it, and next year should be great!

Thank you for your kindness,



Unknown said...

We. Heart. You.

Mari said...

Oh Ampster, I think I understand. I currently have 52 posts in my "drafts" folder. They may never see the light of day. They ramble, go in circles, contradict one another... Still.. I don't delete them. There's hope for them - they just haven't found the right home yet.

Yours was one of the first tango blogs I started reading - and I read it devotedly. You've inspired me and given me encouragement from so many miles away. I look forward to another year of reading about your experiences and insights in tango and life. So thank *you* for your kindness - for sharing so much.

Someday we may get to dance and wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? Happy New Year, tanguero. abrazos y besos

Anonymous said...

I love what you write and you are one of the best leads in tango! :)

Anonymous said...

I seem to also be in the same space you are right now. Lots of thoughts swirling but not much publishing.

Looking forward to your 2010 insights.