19 March 2009

Over-analyzers and step collectors >:(

I've recently had close encounters with two types of (pseudo) tango dancers with two qualities that just irritate me:
  1. Over-analyzers
  2. Step collectors

The over-analyzers
These are the people that cannot stop themselves from scrutinizing, criticizing, and over-ANALyzing everything that everyone does. Too much lean, foot placement wrong, can't dance anything but milonguero, embrace is wrong, head too low, head too high, back not straight enough, blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-blah... They zoom in on the smallest of nuances, and loose sight of the big holistic picture of the dance. On they go and profess to tell you what is right, and how it should be. However, when you see them take the floor, they are some of the worse tango dancers around. They make my brain ache.

The step collectors
These are the people who try—TRY, to do all the fancy, funky stuff. Does it work for them? Nope. Can they lead what they're trying to do? Nope. These failings do not deter them. In their minds, they're right and their partner can't follow. They still insist on doing their flashy stuff, much to the woe of their partners (victims). They can't improvise, syncopate, nor navigate. They go under the assumption that in order to be good you have to know steps—Lots of them! 

Some things these peeps have in common 
  • They criticize a lot
  • They just started tango
  • They've been taking lessons forever but don't go to milongas
  • They never really learned to dance well—glazed over the basics
  • Lack of the fundamental tango skill of walking
  • They are unpleasant to dance with
  • They are unpleasant to watch
  • Hazards on the floor
  • They don't realize how bad they are
You'll know them when you see and/or hear them. I'm sure we all know of at least one.

Ok, I'm done ranting... Apologies

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