03 January 2009

What do Tango people do at a dinner party?

I was supposed to have had a birthday party last November. Due to unexpected circumstances, that didn't happen. Then, Seattle was held in the grip of a two week sub-arctic freeze. All our parties and milongas were cancelled.

At the sign of the first decent thaw, we found an excuse to have a dinner party. We cooked our best Spanish inspired Filipino food. It was a warm gathering of friends. Friends who had a few things in common–A love for great company, fine wine, fine food, and a passion for Tango.

With appetites appeased, fireplace alight, and after 4 bottles of Champagne and 4.5 bottles of fine Malbec,  the Tango, Vals, and Milonga music suddenly got louder. The dining table, couches, chairs, stools, were moved out of the way. 

It didn't matter that our house was carpeted. It didn't matter that you had to navigate an odd route around the living room to the dining room. Everyone danced in socks and bare feet. It was so warm that we had to let open the door to cool the house down. It was beautiful!

What do Tango people do at a dinner party? Well, when critical mass is reached, we just have to dance to the strains of the bandoneon.

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